Work boots

Work boots

Jonas Salk said, "The reward of work well done is the opportunity to do more". Work happens to be a consistent part of our daily lives. Its what puts food on the table for our families and shelters us when the sun goes down. So, its quite important to defend our ability to be able to do work with our personal safety in mind.

According to the Labour Force Survey, in the UK alone there were an estimated 621,000 non-fatal accidents in the work place in  between 2015 and 2016.  The right choice of footwear alone can really help reduce this numbers.

Work boots are in toughness equivalent to the legendary Spartan warriors that defended the great Spartan kingdom many centuries ago. They will protect your feet to the last stitch. They are very tough and you have the option to choose between light and heavy depending on your needs. When working on site or on premises that involve a lot of movement of heavy equipment, you need your feet protected! When you work in these injury prone settings, your feet are the last things you want to be worried about. Thankfully, the shoe industry has been developing the right work boots for you over decades of observation and refinement. Look out for the following properties when making your choice

i). Durability

Work boots are not cheap and thus it is worthwhile investing in a pair that will go the distance and time. A pair that will endure the unfavorable conditions of your workplace, be it construction, manufacturing industry or processing industry where chemicals spills are likely.

The market is filled with many variations of the work boot.. Your options are quite wide and worth investing some of your time looking into. Depending on your custom needs you will be able to find the right shoe for the job. Where work boots are concerned you want a durable shoe that is slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant or even fire-resistant for the people working in settings with open flames or embers.

ii). Safety

Your safety when working in environments with a lot of construction, manufacturing,welding or craftsmanship that involves heavy equipment  or objects is always the top most priority. Your humble feet must be included in your evaluation of ways to protect yourself.

The materials that make your work boots should be highly resilient. From the uppers to the soles. Make sure that they don't react with chemicals at your workplace, falling embers or flames depending on your setting.

Toes are not made of steel, you need to protect them. Broken toes can be extremely painful and take weeks to heal. This would interfere with your work and probably your source of income. Thankfully, the creative craftsmen in the industry have an elegant solution for you. Incorporation of metatarsal guards or safety toes in the boots to help protect your toes and the region of the upper feet from injury depending on your needs.

iii). Comfort

Comfort is as essential as safety. There have been great advances in technology in almost every aspect that affects our lives over the past few decades. These advancements did not skip the footwear industry. When shopping for the right work boot please do not sacrifice safety with comfort. You can and should have them both. Don't settle till you have the right work boots for you.

A key feature when considering comfort as well as safety is the sole. When considering the sole, you should check to see if they are flexible enough to allow you to step naturally with ease. Traction as with any other boot is especially important for the right work boots. The more the traction the better.

So, ensure that you do adequate research before you buy the right pair. Knowledge is power where work boots are concerned. Work boots like any other boots need keen maintenance and after care.

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