What to look for when buying your first boots


The thing about quality is it can't be faked. Quality implies that sincere effort and care was taken in crafting a product for you. It shows all the considerations, thinking and sweat a craftsman made into presenting such work in a condition that is not only acceptable to you but to his/her own high standards as well and a price that is reasonable for you. This is why I believe that when you pay for the boots you desire, you should get your money's worth.

Ever been to a shoe store and you wonder, what makes a pair of boots qualify as a good quality pair of boots? Is it in the name? The brand? The current trend? What follows are seven key aspects I personally look at when doing my own selection of boots.

 1. If they are comfortable.

Above all comfort is key. This is the one non-negotiable aspect that I believe you should always consider. Make sure the boots are comfortable. If you are on a physical shop and on premise then insist on trying them out. This is the 100 percent test on whether a pair of boots is comfortable enough for your feet. If you are buying from an online shop, then highly consider the description and also take your time to google on the boots' reviews. It doesn't matter how good a pair of boots look, if they are uncomfortable it is unlikely you will want to wear them again after the first time.


2. Quality of its construction.

The quality of the materials that constitute the boots is also important in making your choice. Choose leather over plastic. Leather though a tad bit more expensive is a hundred times more better than plastic. When looking at the outer sole of the boots go with rubber. Try to bend the sole to test on its flexibility. A rigid plastic sole gets cracks after a short time and an even shorter time when exposed to the sun. It is also very restrictive in movement which is not good for your feet. Your feet are precious. Take every chance to take care of them.

3. If they can be worn more than once.

Ever bought a pair of shoes and worn them for that one event then never worn them again? I find it useful to put into consideration how many times I am likely to wear a particular pair of boot before buying. I find the color of the shoes plays a major role. There are versatile cololrs like black and brown which match up with most outfits you choose to wear. Other colors like red, yellow, purple and green tend to be limiting in the choice of clothes you would like to put on.

4. The overall weight of the boots.

A good thing to consider while making your selection is how heavy the boots are. Determination of their weight can be made by holding the pair in your hand or simply trying them out and feeling them on your feet. The boots should be well balanced in weight. Too heavy and they will limit your mobility and comfort. Too light and it implies they have been made of cheap materials and thus a lower chance of being durable. Aim for a weight you are comfortable with, not too light and not too heavy.

5. The purpose it was intended for.

All designers and manufacturers have a target in mind when making a pair of boots. So when selecting what you want to buy it is wise to bear this in mind. Envision what you intend to use them for to avoid them disappointing you and lying there unused because you can't use them. An example is choosing to wear oxfords for a hike. They will frustrate you and probably cause you blisters and get worn before you even reach your destination. The world of boots is diverse and rich. There is a boot for any occassion you intend on doing or any situation you are in. Don't limit yourself.

6. The design of the boots.

Every single person has a unique style. It is important you know and identify what works for you. Considering the design of the boot shows you have an understanding of your style. Its also nice to try new things. A little bit of experimentation can give you a bold look. Choosing the design of the boot to match with your style inspires self-confidene.

7. Your purchasing instinct.

We all have that gut feeling when doing shopping. That gut feeling that screams to you BUY! Or when it is the  whisper at the back of your neck that tells you to not look at it twice. It can be quite frustrating having that voice in your head. However despite the urgency it commands, don't yield to it and if you do, surrender to it boldly without fear of making mistakes. Try to use all the other aspects in combination with that instinct to make your choice. Take your time and do some research and careful observation then tap to your instinct to make the final decision. Your gut is a powerful tool when backed by research on the boots.

All that being said, the pointers above are in no way conclusive. There are so many angles you can consider, so many other aspects you can check on based on your personal experience. Even if its your first buy, you are uniquely qualified to make a great choice in your first boots purchase. You have your own accumulated experiences that contribute to that. It is also important to note that despite all you know and learn in ways to make your boot purchase you might end up making some few bad decisions. Don't let them put you down. Instead, learn from your mistakes.

In conclusion, all the aspects mentioned above are some of the pointers I consider when buying boots. You probably have more tricks up your sleeve and I would be glad if you would share them in the comments section below. 

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