Western boots

Western boots have always been associated with cowboys for decades. From the 17th century and some could argue way before that they were dominant in the footwear realm. They seem to have a correlation to when horses were prevalent as the common means of transportation.

I recall seeing them for the first time as a  six year old in Clint Eastwood movies such as the classic “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. My first impression was that they were exotic and beautiful.

Cowboy boots are elegant, classy and functional. They are carefully crafted with leather and stitched up to produce masterpieces with a touch of ruggedness.

Due to some level of bias acquired from watching all those awesome Clint Eastwood western movies, I always believed that cowboy boots are for cowboys only. Quite the stereotype I had, right? It's not true that the western boots are reserved for the ranch boys and honcho dancers alone.  

Long gone is the reign of the gunslingers on the outback. With time after cars started becoming more accessible and popular as a means of transport the need for western boots reduced. Designers and manufacturers of western boots adapted to the shift and now you can have more versatile western boots than were available back then.

This does not mean that you can't rock these classic masterpieces of art. Quite the contrary, they can help complement and create depth in your sense of style be it in an upcountry or metropolitan setting.

Sometimes you see a great looking pair of western boots while shopping but you refrain from buying them. You wonder how you would find the right outfit to style them. The essence of western boots to wear them in a casual setting. It would be weird to march your way into a business meeting in them or speak in a conference in a suit with the shaft of the boots bulging through the trousers.

The right way to go about them, is to go casual. Rock on a shirt, preferably plain and white with dark jeans. For example a white collared shirt would match up very well with navy blue jeans. If a white shirt is unavailable then any collared bright shirt would do. Ensure that the jeans have ample space for the shafts of the boots to fit in without straining them. Avoid tucking the jeans inside the boots. This way you have a relaxed and confident look.

These kind of boots are highly recommended for outdoor events. Be it a horse ride, picnic with your loved ones, rock concerts, when having dinner in a casual restaurant or hanging out in the bar.  

Don't be limited by the kind of boots to wear by playing it safe. It is quite okay to try something new, be adventurous. I believe nothing speaks of adventure more than a classic pair of western leather boots. Free your mind of any limitation, free your feet of the expected. Let them feel the comfort of a rodeo in the city, well without the actual rodeo.

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