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Buying your boots is only half the story, the other is after care. It is a common misconception that shoe polish is all the treatment boots need. This is not the case. Polish will only maintain the appearance whereas taking care of the boots’ condition demands more finesse. It is part science and part art.

In your day to day activities your boots are bound to get dirt ranging from mere dust to mud or in some cases oil splashes.

Cleaning dust or mud is relatively easy. Ensure you scrub clean with a wet rag, soft brush or a sponge based on availability and preference. It is preferable that you use warm water. Avoid detergents.

Dirt from oil particles can be quite stubborn. Warm water and a sponge won’t simply do. It is advisable you use cleaning gel to remove such obstinate particles and restore the condition of your shoes.

Too much cleaning also has it’s repercussions. Frequent soaking and drying the boots stiffen the leather fibers and will  eventually affect how the boots fit you.

At times you end up stepping into that puddle of water you thought wasn’t so deep and your boots end up soaked. Such incidents en up damaging the fibers of your shoes from all the water soaking the leather. This is why water proofing is important. Use water proofing gel which puts a protective layer on top of the leather an make your boots more durable.

After cleaning your boots, attention should be taken on how the pair dries. Direct sunlight for long hours, drying close to exposed flames or using a hair dryer to try and speed up the process has irremediable effects on them.

It is also important once in a while to apply treatment to your boots. Special attention should be taken on the rings or hooks of the shoes. This will prevent cracking, flaking or drying of the leather to irreparable levels.

Too much treatment damages the stitching of the boots and weakens the leather. Use treatment gels sparingly and periodically rather than daily.

Finally, it is imperative that we keep checking for the degree of wear and tear in your boots. Worn out soles should be replaced. If the uppers are torn, it would be pragmatic to replace the pair.


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