What to look for when buying your first boots

  The thing about quality is it can’t be faked. Quality implies that sincere effort and care was taken in crafting a product for you. It shows all the considerations, thinking and sweat a craftsman made into presenting such work in a condition that is not only acceptable to you but to his/her own high […]

Dress boots

You can’t fail if you dress well but simply. There is a certain elegance to a person who takes care to pay attention to the minute detail of the footwear they put on when stepping out of their homes to head either to a function or the office.  Dress boots, they are those short leather […]

Work boots

Work boots Jonas Salk said, “The reward of work well done is the opportunity to do more”. Work happens to be a consistent part of our daily lives. Its what puts food on the table for our families and shelters us when the sun goes down. So, its quite important to defend our ability to […]

Hiking boots

Hiking boots I find hiking and adventure calming. Walking amidst nature away from all the bustle of the urban life is good for the soul and mind. It helps me to regain focus in life and recharge. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should give it a shot. That said, for an enjoyable […]

Western boots

Western boots have always been associated with cowboys for decades. From the 17th century and some could argue way before that they were dominant in the footwear realm. They seem to have a correlation to when horses were prevalent as the common means of transportation. I recall seeing them for the first time as a […]

Boot care

Buying your boots is only half the story, the other is after care. It is a common misconception that shoe polish is all the treatment boots need. This is not the case. Polish will only maintain the appearance whereas taking care of the boots’ condition demands more finesse. It is part science and part art. […]